WALKOUR is looking to grow and expand. We are just at the beginning of a very exciting journey of digitalizing and taking over the International walking tour market! Join us now on this fun adventure and enjoy working with us!

Check out our current job offers below and don’t think twice – just get in touch, lets start talking!





WALKOUR is looking for motivated, creative and digital-native Content Creators, starting immediately, that want to join us and help us digitalize and disrupt the international walking tour market and thereby shift it into the 21st century!


YOU decide when and how much you want to work – 2 hours in the mornings, during lunch break, all day or nights – 1 day each week or full time: it’s up to you, work as much as you can or need
YOU decide from where you want work. Only you know where you can work best – being it from home, the library, university, your favorite café or as digital nomad, e.g. from the train or the beach in your van

YOU decide: would like to get paid for for you work deliverd, or would you like to receive up to 80% royals of the profits made with your content? Or a bit of both? your choice

YOU get valuable insights into how we build and grow WALKOUR and everything that needs do be done to found a startup. Understand and learn how we do our product development and go about our business development

YOU want to establish yourself as a freelancer in the market and don’t know how exactly you should get started? Let us show you how and help you with formalities, such as taxes and legal obligations/requirements – and with your work for us you will have a strong base reference for future projects and contracts, and if you perform well with us we will be happy to connect you with anyone in our business network to get follow up projects/jobs and contracts

YOU are motivated and aim to reach for more responsibilities? There is lots of room for you at WALKOUR to grow and reach higher. If you perform well we you may be first to fill the most relevant and high-responsibility positions as we grow as a company














e.g. through your studies/education in this area, previous work in this field or simply by extensive experience as an active tourist on your own city trips

and totally see yourself collecting and generating digital content (such as texts, pictures, videos, links, audios etc.) and enjoy doing it

and are quick to learn new things, if someone shows you how to do something new

and may even see yourself recording voiceovers (audio) [not a requirement]








sounds good?

Interested? any questions?


Send us a message, right now, let’s start talking…

Just tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do and explain if/how you meet our requirements that we mentioned in the description above…